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You are cordially invited to the Third International Conference on Plant Vascular Biology on 26-30 July 2013, in the city of Helsinki, Finland. The conference will be held at the beautiful Conference Hotel Rantapuisto, located at the seaside a few kilometers from the city center.

This will be the third PVB meeting following successful meetings in Taiwan in 2007 and the USA in 2010. The study of the vascular system, which connects every organ in the mature plant, spans a wide range of disciplines, including development, physiology, systems biology and computational biology. The PVB 2013 meeting will assemble over 200 scientists. Participants will share and discuss their latest findings, develop collaborations and identify new directions of research. The meeting will serve as a valuable forum to create bridges between basic research and applied biology.

The development of vascular tissues was a crucial evolutionary innovation, enabling plants to colonize land and diversify into the multiplicity of forms around us. Improving our understanding of vascular tissues is at the heart of addressing many of the challenges facing society today, such as improving agricultural and silvicultural performance, as well as fulfilling the promise of biofuels.

Ykä Helariutta
Main organizer


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